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EP910020N $28.22 N/A N/A EP910020N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-9051 N/A FP 10-9051 N/A N/A
EP910010N $27.54 N/A N/A EP910010N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-9052 N/A FP 10-9052 N/A N/A
FH34003110P010 $27.54 N/A N/A FH34003110P010 N/A SMC N/A FP 10-9052 N/A FP 10-9052 N/A N/A
EP020010N $31.93 N/A N/A EP020010N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-9096 N/A FP 10-9096 N/A N/A
EP020020N $33.62 N/A N/A EP020020N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-9097 N/A FP 10-9097 N/A N/A
EP320010N $27.51 N/A N/A EP320010N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-10281 N/A FP 10-10281 N/A N/A
EP200020N $95.34 N/A N/A EP200020N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-10282 N/A FP 10-10282 N/A N/A
EP320005N $18.60 N/A N/A EP320005N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-10321 N/A FP 10-10321 N/A N/A
EP100005N QUOTE N/A N/A EP100005N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-10349 N/A FP 10-10349 N/A N/A
EP100010N QUOTE N/A N/A EP100010N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-10350 N/A FP 10-10350 N/A N/A
EP100020N QUOTE N/A N/A EP100020N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-10351 N/A FP 10-10351 N/A N/A
EP320020N $32.91 N/A N/A EP320020N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-10397 N/A FP 10-10397 N/A N/A
EP220020N QUOTE N/A N/A EP220020N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-35593 N/A FP 10-35593 N/A N/A
EP120010N $34.04 N/A N/A EP120010N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-10542 N/A FP 10-10542 N/A N/A
EP020005N $29.06 N/A N/A EP020005N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-10638 N/A FP 10-10638 N/A N/A
EP120005N $34.70 N/A N/A EP120005N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-10708 N/A FP 10-10708 N/A N/A
EP200005N $50.39 N/A N/A EP200005N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-10709 N/A FP 10-10709 N/A N/A
EP001H010N $39.37 N/A N/A EP001H010N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-10712 N/A FP 10-10712 N/A N/A
EP001H020N $39.37 N/A N/A EP001H020N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-10712 N/A FP 10-10712 N/A N/A
EP001H020NX28 $39.37 N/A N/A EP001H020NX28 N/A SMC N/A FP 10-10712 N/A FP 10-10712 N/A N/A
EP001H020NX28CP2 $39.37 N/A N/A EP001H020NX28CP2 N/A SMC N/A FP 10-10712 N/A FP 10-10712 N/A N/A
EP910005V $17.22 N/A N/A EP910005V N/A SMC N/A FP 10-10782 N/A FP 10-10782 N/A N/A
EM910105N QUOTE N/A N/A EM910105N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-70419 N/A FP 10-70419 N/A N/A
FHTK3001002M QUOTE N/A N/A FHTK3001002M N/A SMC N/A FP 10-71113 N/A FP 10-71113 N/A N/A
FHTK3004002M QUOTE N/A N/A FHTK3004002M N/A SMC N/A FP 10-71114 N/A FP 10-71114 N/A N/A
EMXG920H $72.52 N/A N/A EMXG920H N/A SMC N/A FP 10-7242 N/A FP 10-7242 N/A N/A
EM910105WX28 QUOTE N/A N/A EM910105WX28 N/A SMC N/A FP 10-15492 N/A FP 10-15492 N/A N/A
EM320149N $126.10 N/A N/A EM320149N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-15568 N/A FP 10-15568 N/A N/A
EMXG910H $84.15 N/A N/A EMXG910H N/A SMC N/A FP 10-15664 N/A FP 10-15664 N/A N/A
EM910010N QUOTE N/A N/A EM910010N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-15672 N/A FP 10-15672 N/A N/A
EM230149N QUOTE N/A N/A EM230149N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-15693 N/A FP 10-15693 N/A N/A
EM301H149N $61.11 N/A N/A EM301H149N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-15706 N/A FP 10-15706 N/A N/A
EMXG940H $222.27 N/A N/A EMXG940H N/A SMC N/A FP 10-15754 N/A FP 10-15754 N/A N/A
EMXG950H QUOTE N/A N/A EMXG950H N/A SMC N/A FP 10-15760 N/A FP 10-15760 N/A N/A
EM330149N QUOTE N/A N/A EM330149N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-15767 N/A FP 10-15767 N/A N/A
EP910-020W $50.23 N/A N/A EP910-020W N/A SMC N/A FP 10-15860 N/A FP 10-15860 N/A N/A
EP420149N $76.02 N/A N/A EP420149N N/A SMC N/A FP 10-15918 N/A FP 10-15918 N/A N/A
EP120010W $303.56 N/A N/A EP120010W N/A SMC N/A FP 10-147482 N/A FP 10-147482 N/A N/A
EP910010W $57.02 N/A N/A EP910010W N/A SMC N/A FP 10-16125 N/A FP 10-16125 N/A N/A
NZMSF $8.99 N/A N/A NZMSF N/A SMC N/A FP 10-16468 N/A FP 10-16468 N/A N/A
ZFC100-06 QUOTE N/A N/A ZFC100-06 N/A SMC N/A FP 10-86580 N/A FP 10-86580 N/A N/A
ZFC100-04 QUOTE N/A N/A ZFC100-04 N/A SMC N/A FP 10-88458 N/A FP 10-88458 N/A N/A
EHM15R10A $3.79 N/A N/A EHM15R10A N/A SMC N/A FP 10-17945 N/A FP 10-17945 N/A N/A
EHM19R10AY $3.57 N/A N/A EHM19R10AY N/A SMC N/A FP 10-18018 N/A FP 10-18018 N/A N/A
AFFEL2B $63.20 N/A N/A AFFEL2B N/A SMC N/A FP 10-23161 N/A FP 10-23161 N/A N/A
AFFEL11B $147.79 N/A N/A AFFEL11B N/A SMC N/A FP 10-23162 N/A FP 10-23162 N/A N/A
AFFEL22B $120.44 N/A N/A AFFEL22B N/A SMC N/A FP 10-23163 N/A FP 10-23163 N/A N/A
AMDEL150 $28.24 N/A N/A AMDEL150 N/A SMC N/A FP 10-23164 N/A FP 10-23164 N/A N/A
AMDEL350 $50.56 N/A N/A AMDEL350 N/A SMC N/A FP 10-23165 N/A FP 10-23165 N/A N/A
AMDEL450 $106.33 N/A N/A AMDEL450 N/A SMC N/A FP 10-23166 N/A FP 10-23166 N/A N/A
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